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CMC provides an exclusive fabrication service to local Canadian and international retailers and manufacturers.

Based on our experience in the construction industry, Custom Metal provide a full cycle metal fabrication process including fabrication engineering, prototype design, production, assembly, and delivery logistics of the final product to the client’s facility.

Our Benefits

  • Flexible production

    We are focusing on long-term relationships with our clients and providing individual solutions for time-sensitive projects.

  • Fast Delivery

    Thanks to in-house state-of-art equipment, the production and delivery time is significantly lower than that of competitors.

  • Reliable suppliers

    For 40 years CMC built its own supply chain with trusted material suppliers around the world.

  • Team of professionals

    Most of our team members have more than 20-30 years of experience in the custom metal fabrication industry.

  • Product quality

    We test all our products, provide a guarantee for materials and labor, and take direct reasonability for our job.

Our Capabilities

  • Laser Cutting & Perforating

  • Automated Bending

  • Manual Bending

  • CNC Router Machining

  • Products Assembly

  • Welding

  • Polishing

  • Shear Cutting

  • Fabrication Engineering

State of the Art Equipment

Interested in our metal fabrication services?

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