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Automatic Store

The trays of the store are used to contain raw or processed material with wooden pallets; this means that raw material must be loaded with the pallet. The loading station, in this case, is composed of a reference surface for loading a wooden pallet.

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Max height (in) Min thickness (mm)
Pack maximum height 9.45” 240 mm.
Height between levels 15.75” 400 mm.
Number of trays Store height (in) Store height (mm)
8 255” 6500 mm

Cartesian Manipulator

It’s able to pick up and stack parts processed by the laser system compatibly with the arrangement and reachability of the parts and of the gripping devices’ suction cups and with the pick-up force of the suction cups.

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Part maximum weight with one gripping device (all suction cups activated) 143.3 lb 65 kg
Part maximum weight with two gripping devices (all suction cups activated) 286.6 lb 130 kg
Part minimum dimensions 7.874” x 3.937” 200 x 100 mm
Part maximum dimensions 160” x 60” 4064 x 1524 mm
Nominal steel sheet thickness 0.137” 3.5 mm
Nominal aluminum sheet thickness 0.0197” 0.5 mm
Part maximum thickness (with magnets and multigripping function) 0.472” 12 mm

Air blowing bars for the Cartesian manipulator

A pair of air-blowing bars, each placed on only one side of the suction-cup gripping device. The air blow is automatically managed by the software cycles and blows over the whole surface of the processed plate to reduce the presence any dross.

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