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Laser Cut System

Fiber laser system for cutting sheet metal blanks in two dimensions. This combines high performance, easy access typical of cantilever structures with the stability of gantry structures.

The machine is equipped with:

  • Active fiber that carries the laser beam from the source to the focusing head;
  • Circuit for supplying two different types of assist gases (Oxygen or Nitrogen); the circuit is equipped with an automatic pressure regulator and fine filtering system;
  • Compressed air cutting. The circuit is equipped with a trigger valve to automatically control the pressure and a stage of filtration;
  • “Dry Cooling” focusing head made to enhance the characteristics and dynamics offered by optical fiber transmission;
  • Automatic nozzle change with 8-position nozzle carrier;
  • Adaptive process control, which reads the light spectrum coming from the material during both the piercing and the cutting phases and is able to start the cutting phase as soon as the piercing is completed.
Material Min thickness (Imperial) Max thickness (Imperial) Min thickness (Metric) Max thickness (Metric)
Mild steel 0.0197” 0.7874’’ 0.5 mm. 20 mm.
Galvanized steel 0.0197” 0.2662’’ 0.5 mm. 6 mm.
Stainless steel 0.0197” 0.7874’’ 0.5 mm. 20 mm.
Stainless steel + Fiber film* 0.0197” 0.1181’’ 0.5 mm. 3 mm.
Stainless steel (THUNDER)** 0.0197” 0.7874’’ 9.5 mm. 20 mm.
Aluminum 0.0197” 0.7874’’ 0.5 mm. 20 mm.
Aluminum + Fiber film* 0.0197” 0.7874’’ 0.5 mm. 2 mm.
Pre-Paint Aluminum 0.0197” 0.7874’’ 0.5 mm. 20 mm.
Annealed brass 0.0197” 0.3150’’ 0.5 mm. 8 mm.
Annealed copper 0.0197” 0.3150’’ 0.5 mm. 8 mm.

* One step cutting; Accepted films for one-step cutting: Polyfilm PF584 C ‘’ULF II’’.
Novacel 4228REF. Nitto Fiberguard 310GH5.
** THUNDER- Cutting with special nozzle design specific to cut thick Stainless steel.

Laser Cut features

Artificial Vision System & Automatic nozzle change

Artificial vision, integrated in STREAMLASER, allows rapid alignment with reference to the edges of the workpiece or to features already present on the sheet, without any restrictions on shape; it also allows offcuts to be recovered and used as starting sheets for new nests.

Automatic nozzle change with 8-position nozzle carrier. To allow different types of material and thicknesses to be cut without operator intervention. The nozzle replacement cycle is handled automatically and occurs during the pallet change cycle.

6000 W high power-density fiber laser source with cooling unit

Solid-state laser source in which the laser beam is generated by using fiber-coupled pump diode modules to energize the active optical fiber. The source is equipped with dedicated sensors that monitor working conditions and intervene in case they are not within the predefined threshold values; the output of the sensor is displayed on the software interface to allow the operator to better interact with the source.

The Dry Cooling technology

It guarantees optics refrigeration without using gas, increasing reliability and reducing consumption. Head equipped with a capacitance sensor which maintains the nozzle in a position programmed with respect to the surface of the metal sheet.

Laser software

User-friendly interface that offers simple accessibility to the system to control laser operations and system settings.

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