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Flexible automation

It uses universal bending tools which automatically adapt in-cycle to the panel geometry, without machine downtimes or manual re-tooling, allowing batch-one or kit productions. Quickly and fully automatically, this moves, handles, grips and rotates the sheet metal throughout the whole machining cycle.

Adaptive system

The integrated adaptive technologies (advanced sensors, bending formula, MAC3.0) make the system intelligent and able to automatically adapt to changes in the material and the external environment, eliminating waste and corrections, and extending the range of products that can be made.

Automatic manipulator: fast and accurate

Limitation (in) (mm)
Minimum blank size 11.220” 285mm
Maximum blank size 157” 3990mm
Maximum blank diagonal 157.480” 4000mm
Maximum centering dimension 151.574 3850mm
Maximum height of bent part 6.496” 165mm
Maximum profile size for cut 95” 2413mm

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